Sayyada Fatimah (Peace Be Upon Her)

Name: Fatima
Parents: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) & Sayyida Khadija (pbuh)
Titles: Zahra (radiant), Zakiyya (pure, chaste), Radhiyya (satisfied, content), Mardhiyyah (commendable, pleasing), Siddiqah (honest), Tahera (pure, chaste), Batul (pure) Muhadditha Narrator of Ahadith, Ummu Abiha (mother of her father), Ummul Aimma (mother of the 11 Imams)
Birth: 20th Jamad ul Akher 615 CE Makka
Death: 14th Jamad ul Awwal 11 AH (Madinat ul Munawwara)

There is Fatima the daughter that her father called Umm Al Abiha (the mother of her father), Fatima the wife for whom her husband Ali said “We lived like two pigeons in a cocoon”, Fatima the mother of the Aimma, Fatima the teacher, Fatima the community worker, Fatima the upholder of truth and justice, Fatima the link between Nabuwwa (Prophet hood) and Imama (Leadership), and then there is Fatima whom the Qur’an refers to as ‘Kawthar’ (abundance of goodness).

She was born in Makka on the 20 th of Jamad ul Aakhir, 5 years after Be’that (615 CE) and when she died at the age of 18 years on the 14th of Jamad ul Awwal 11 AH (632 CE), this awesome personality had left a legacy of freedom and justice. She is the ideal for all women in all their roles – daughter, wife, mother, community member, teacher… She is an embodiment of moral features. Fatima (pbuh) proves that a Muslim woman can hold on to her dignity while taking part in social activities and preserve her nobility as a Muslim.

Her involvement in social and political matters is evidence that in an Islamic society, women cannot remain indifferent and passive observers. No words can describe the phenomenal legacy that she has left behind in her 18 years – Fatima and her sons will always be those who taught how to live the words of God revealed to Muhammad (pbuh).